Secure custom conference calls, empowering the unique ways that you do business

Unparalleled security, performance, agility, resilience and customisation for the different ways that you communicate across the globe

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Imagine being able to empower your teams with a smart communication solution that is tailored to their needs

Our world class architecture and proprietary technology gives you the ability to customise your conference call solution in different parts of your business - be that geographically or via department. You can choose custom settings, as well as edit control and permissions, and create custom call experiences that integrate with current systems making your business work more efficiently.


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Custom features

We take our world-class technology and let you tailor it to the needs of your organisation.

Alongside our standard conference features we provide a set of custom features.

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Private cloud

Improve resilience and security

Gone are the days of fearing performance issues or ring-fenced capacity. Our completely unique and scalable architecture allows you to meet growing business demands as you require it and you can feel safe in the knowledge that your personal conference cloud will only be used by your business.

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Automated reporting

Manage team performance

From tracking team call spend, tracking countries called or tracking specific projects. If you have specific requirements for the types of reports, you and your teams need – just let us know.

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Personalised portal

Drive team efficiency and reduce error

We know that it can be frustrating selecting specific configurations for your conference calls. With our custom solution you can reduce human error and improve user efficiency with custom room profiles and permissions (call pre-sets) that are given naming conventions that will work for your organisation

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Personalised invitations

Enhance your brand image and reputation

Your brand voice is important to you, that’s why we offer clients the opportunity to make custom email invitations and ics files. Allowing them to start their call on their own terms.

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Customisable call experiences

Improve participant experiences

From your branded welcome messages through to removing steps to join a call, custom prompts and more. We can provide a truly custom conference service that will ensure that each participant gets the best experience possible.

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Custom integrations

Integrate with CRM, billing and more

Because we own our technology and have a dedicated development team we can more flexible when it comes to adding new integrations that enhance your existing processes.

Our Custom Calls also come equipped with all of our Professional Conference Call features.

Do you have a specific requirement for your business?

Let us see if we can build it for you...

We know that great ideas come from the most unlikely of places and that’s why we always love to hear from people who have specific requirements. It may be that we already have a solution to your idea in development, or your future need could be the catalyst for our next BIG innovation.

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