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Exploring our new brand

Recently, we sent out some communication to our customers saying that we had some exciting news. Without revealing too much we said that Speakserve is launching a new brand and would be trading under that new brand name moving forward.

Following the official unveiling of our new website, we wanted to come clean and  and give our readers an insight into the new brand:

Our new brand name 

Babl Cloud is the new brand name. What does it mean and does it stand for something? The truth is we like the way ‘Babl’ rolls off the tongue. Babl pronounced (Bah-bull) is an abbreviation of the English word ‘Babble’ or ‘Babbling’ which is the ‘sound of several people talking simultaneously’.

 The ‘Cloud’ part of the name emphasizes the cloud-based capabilities of our business – we proudly deliver hosted conferencing and collaboration services over the internet allowing us to easily scale up and down as we please and deploy new features immediately anywhere in the world. 

Our new brand logo 

At the heart of this new brand is the cloud so we’ve called the new logo is named just that, ‘the babl cloud’. As we’re big advocates of the cloud and like to think of ourselves as a cloud technology business, it was important we were inclusive of the cloud symbol and put it at the forefront of our new brand. We designed the logo so it was simple but still modern and distinguishable enough that it can stand out, plus it looks great in digital and print form. 

Here’s what our new brand logo looks like:


standalone logo                                                horizontal logo


Our brand typeface 

Meet our typeface, Montserrat. That’s right we love it so much that we decided to retain it from our previous brand, Speakserve. This is mainly because of the geometric simplicity of the letters, it helps to create a majestic yet fun look. We have expanded the Montserrat font family though to include Montserrat classic, Montserrat light, Montserrat thin, Montserrat extra thin, Montserrat semi bold and Montserrat bold (see below).

Our brand values

We haven’t abandoned everything from the original Speakserve brand. There’s things we didn’t need to change or want to lose. For example, our brand values remain the same: 

  • Quality first
  • Bring positive energy
  • Keep it simple
  • Listen with curiosity
  • Relentless innovation
  • Create a legacy
  • Confidence is contagious

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