Workshop Event - Media Relations PRCA

PRCA Media Relations Group: The art of the pitch – an honest panel

PRCA media relations group: the art of the pitch – an honest panel

Date: 20thJune 2019
Time: 18:00
Location: 110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Poor pitch practices are rife across the media landscape. And what’s more a bad pitch can ruin a great press relationship even before it had a chance to flourish. Learn from real life journalists and broadcast media professionals about what really works when pitching to radio, TV and print, as well as what makes them press delete.

An experienced panel of journalists, broadcast media and PR professionals share their best and worst experiences and discuss what PR professionals can do to improve the quality of their pitches and amplify their success rates.

Panel Chair:

  • Will Campbell MPRCA, Associate Director, Applied Innovation, Brands2Life


  • Lianna Brinded, Head, Yahoo Finance
  • Simon English, Senior City Correspondent, Evening Standard
  • Daniel Stainsby CMPRCA, Deputy Managing Director, Markettiers

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