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We understand how frustrating it can be to start every call with “Hello, can you hear me”

We conference call too. That’s why Babl are committed to providing the best quality and easiest to use conference call and online meeting solution in the marketplace. We make it as easy as possible to use our technology and have important conversations, no matter where you are located.


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All you have to do is sign up to our conference call service and then you can begin to use all the tools and services available to you. It really is that easy!


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Professional conference call features

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Easy to set up conference calls

You can get immediate access to your conference call platform without delay. Because there is no requirement for infrastructure you can have an account in moments, not weeks.

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Broad international coverage

Join a crystal clear conference call from anywhere in the world using any device with over 120+ international locations covered including the UAE, China and more.

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Simple ways to join your calls

Allow your participants to choose how they would like to join the call, dial out to them so all they have to do is pick up a phone, dial in or let them connect through one-click.

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HD call recording, storage and replay

Record and review your most important conversations with HD Call recording, secure storage and instant replay. Your recordings are stored securely according to your personal storage plan and access managed by user permissions.

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AI powered call transcriptions

Automatically transcribe your conference calls with Alice, our unique AI. Alice generates transcriptions in a matter of minutes and even identifies individual speakers on the call

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Centralised billing, no hidden charges

Make sure that your participants don’t pay for the calls, and only you do by choosing Babl. Unlike other providers, we never charge you extra for calling a mobile and don’t attach hidden charges to your bill.

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Unlimited guests

Never worry about your capacity with our unique technology architecture we can scale up and down your conference calls in real time.

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24/7 human support

Speak to a human being whenever you need support. We are always here for you no matter the time or the channel you prefer to contact us through.

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First participant joined alerts

Never leave you participants waiting again with smart alerts that notify you when the first person joins your call.

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Your personal conference portal

Easy to use tools that make sure that you can get started conferencing straight away! Schedule a conference call at any time. Get access to your own portal where you can:


Make unlimited calls


Manage contacts


Create rooms


Schedule calls


Access billing


Listen to recordings


View transcriptions


See usage data and stats


Create rooms

Schedule a call

View call statistics

tulchan event calls

“We can set up own conference calls, saving us time and money but also providing us with a greater layer of security around who is invited and who is on the call. We have instant access to call recordings and call summaries and can see how a call has cost as soon as it has ended”

Tulchan Communications