Speakserve launches new hyper scalable and customisable conference call solution

  • Targets the needs of dynamic and fast-growing organisations
  • Customisable solution for global businesses
  • Improved performance with dedicated capacity
  • High quality audio in over 120+ international locations
  • Enhanced features and functions for all business sizes
  • New easy-to-understand pricing model
  • New in-house innovation lab with clear product roadmap

Speakserve, founded in 2002 are pleased to launch their new conference call platform. Transforming the ways that fast growing global organisations use and deliver conference calls across their rapidly expanding businesses. With a host of new features and custom tools designed deliver powerful cloud-based communications solutions for small to enterprise level businesses.

  • Targeting the needs of dynamic and fast-growing organisations

After a year of development the Speakserve team have redesigned their new platform architecture from the ground up, with improvements such as increased performance, resilience and agility across their networks. As well as a new AI (Alice) and a new and improved user interface that allows users to collaborate, manage and host their important audio conversations through a single online application.

  • New Personal conference cloud

The new platform architecture also provides Speakserve with a unique ability to deliver a customised world-class cloud telephony system or a “Personal conference cloud” to their customers in a matter of moments. As there is no requirement for any infrastructure to exist already, access to the client platform is instantaneous. And, what’s more – it can be scaled up and down over time to meet the needs of any growing business.

  • Customisable solution for global businesses

Speakserve’s unique architecture also allows their client’s to customise their solution and empower the unique ways that they do business

Speakserve’s new conference cloud goes way beyond the “white label” solution that many other providers deliver. The team has a flexible and consultative approach that enables the user to choose from a set of custom options that allows them to create even more tailored user experiences and adapt the participant experience to meet the growing needs of different teams without affecting different parts of their client’s business.

“Global organisations are now able to customise their conference solution in a way that meets the growing needs of their regional teams, without the complexity and extra cost of having to use multiple providers.”
Speakserve CEO Jonathan Grant

From providing customised caller experiences, through to tailoring emails, clever integrations, custom reporting and even requesting new features. Speakserve provides growing businesses with unparallelled control over their conference call suite, giving global professionals with the capacity to build and customise their conference solution in a way that really works for them.

  • Improved performance with dedicated capacity

What’s more Speakserve clients can feel safe in the knowledge that all aspects of their personal conference cloud will only be used by their own business. Delivering the highest call quality and resilience through dedicated performance streams that provide ring fenced capacity.

  • Enhanced features and functions for all business sizes

The introduction of this new custom cloud alongside the optimised performance features in Speakserve’s new platform release, arms them with a competitive product that is highly valuable to both small and larger businesses across the world.

  • New easy-to-understand pricing model

Speakserve are introducing new highly competitive tiered license based pricing model for their customers. In order to reduce the costs of conferencing across their client business, they want to compete directly with their competitors and ensure that no matter the size of your team, and business you can have access to the newest tools and capabilities and communicate with other professionals without having to pay a premium.

  • New in-house innovation lab

With renewed investment in the product and development teams Speakserve have spearheaded and new in-house innovation lab that works closely with key stakeholders from within their client base. By sharing, challenges and ideas they are able to develop new solutions and features that help to overcome frustrations surrounding communication and content delivery across different sectors

“Our innovation lab will help to develop a powerful partnership between Speakserve and our key clients, refining our product roadmap and bringing more powerful and innovative features and developments that will ensure that we are maintaining excellence as well as helping our clients to solve their rapidly growing communication requirements”
Jonathan Grant – CEO, Speakserve

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