Secure video conference calls, designed to get you collaborating face-to-face in an instance 

Add video to your conference call for a more immersive meeting experience - nothing to download or install, a compatible browser like Chrome is all that is required to join

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Imagine bringing your teams, clients and partners together in a video meeting that feels as if everyone's in the same room

Whether you're an entrepreneur, working for an SME or large corporate, you can now have brilliant audio calls with the added benefit of immersive high definition video and screen sharing.


How exactly do you benefit? Audio conference calls serve a great purpose when you just want to have a conversation, but to really increase the impact of your business discussions you need to introduce visual cues or simply turn on your camera so you're able to maintain virtual eye contact with your participants. Naturally, this makes for a more engaging and inclusive meeting as opposed to one that relies on audio alone. Keep everyone alert and focused, ensure a better understanding of key issues and agenda items by bringing body language and facial expression to light. At Babl we want to create a meeting experience that will give you the best chance to build important and successful business relationships and that starts with a video conference call


Share your screen

Start/stop using camera 

Manage your set up 

Start using your camera or share your screen with one-click


You don't have to be particularly tech-savvy to start utilising video on your next conference call. Start using your camera or begin sharing your entire screen, application window or chrome tab with one-click from our smart video meeting interface.


Video calls are great if you need to


Present sales figures or financial reports


Run virtual training and classroom sessions


Review and obtain feedback on creative designs


Introduce and demonstrate a product


Have a remote legal deposition


Interview a candidate face-to-face

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Video Conferencing features

We believe that giving business professionals a video-first conferencing solution is the best way to fuel effective collaboration.

Alongside our standard audio conference features we also provide a set of video conference features.

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Create and configure unlimited custom video rooms

With an unlimited number of video rooms for every use, you can create as many as you need without feeling restricted. The best part is you can customise and configure your video rooms to your own unique requirements - choose whether you want to let participants share their screen or keep it to hosts only, enable or disable chat messaging and more. True custom video calls, courtesy to Babl.

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Have more confidence with the right security

We offer a host of security features that give you peace of mind when hosting or joining a video call. From PIN authentication to lock screen which prevents anyone from joining the video meeting once it has started. You can even set permissions so only the right users with the right permissions in your team or across your organisation can create video rooms and have immersive video calls.

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Access video calls immediatley without limitations

Enjoy video meetings immediately without having to download or install anything. Quick share the public URL link and your participants can join with a click of a button - all that is required is a compatible browser like Chrome.

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Choose a set up that works for you

You can easily choose the camera, microphone and audio output you want to use from our smart video meeting interface. Set a display name so you can literally put a name to the face. As the host, you can choose whether everyone joins muted, starts hidden and/or if everyone follows your lead. Oh and you have the control to toggle between different screens, show multiple screens at one or pass control of the screen to other hosts - the possibilities are endless.

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Share your entire screen, application window or Chrome tab

Share your meeting, your way. Change definition settings from High-definition (HD) to standard (SD) to suit your internet speeds. 

Share your screen with your participants, perfect for sharing updates of work, reports or even switch to the built-in option of sharing a YouTube video.

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Recap and review your meeting with cloud-based recording & storage

If you choose to record your meeting audio, it will be stored securely in the cloud ready for you to recap and review what was discussed immediately post-call.

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