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What’s new in V1.2.0 release – Omega

Speakserve brings together global professionals. Powered by our own technology we provide professional services businesses with a suite of powerful and easy to use collaboration and conferencing tools that empowers the unique ways that they do business.

What’s new

  • Greater transparency around caller activity across the whole platform
    You can now see the total call/participant duration to the second and hosts can now see the individual participant duration in Live View as the call is in progress. It is no longer hidden behind the information icon.
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  • Hosts can now see the number that a participant dialled into in the statements giving users even more information about what is happening on their calls.
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  • We’ve simplified the user experience for adding a host to a conference room so you can now add hosts with one click.
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  • Added access numbers into Live View. Now you can see the access numbers attached to your room from your Live View without having to leave the tab.
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  • Users can now download a CSV of all their call statements and choose to filter the information before export. You can choose a custom date range, a specific user, room name, number for example and the system will provide a file containing the information as requested.
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  • Users can reschedule calls at any time. Users can now reschedule their calls at any time within the call portal, even once the call has started. All details of the room will stay the same, unless otherwise edited by the user.
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    Product Release – V 1.2.0
    Date: 02.05.2019

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added missing invitation numbers on scheduled call emails to the room owner.
  • We have improved phone number and prefix searches to support +44 and 0044 formats.
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  • First participant alert emails now contain a link to the Live View so that users can manage their calls with one click from their emails.
  • Amended the way that users can edit participant information from within Live View to allow for better experience when participant status are changing. Please note that the edit participant button has now been moved.
    Watch video: more information about product releases and upcoming projects from our innovation lab please visit If you have any questions or require further support please do not hesitate to contact a member of our support team.

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